The not to new debate: organic or nonorganic

Recently we have been consumed with the Olympics than now football as fall is approaching and the lingering presence of polictics. I found this after the First Lady’s amazing DNC speech.


Although I didn’t watch it live, I did catch it on YouTube..If you have not, you should check it out here!!

The next night at the DNC Sandra Fluke gave an even more so amazing speech!! Didnt really know who she was until recently and she really rocked it out!!

Ok..So what I am really here to discuss is the new research published by Standford about organic and conventional foods. Showing little evidence of organic being more nutritious than non organic. This made me think of produce ( as I was eating my local concord grapes)…

I buy organic produce about 40% of the time ( mostly those who fall in the dirty dozen)…but what I look for mostly is offered by the COOL act is where my food comes from. I see now, that research shows that there is not a big difference in nutrition..okay…so..I ask myself, why do I want to buy organic?? It has never really been about the nutritional value, but more so the effect it has on the farmers, the soil, the animals who may come in contact with the crops. It is said that organic foods have more value of nutrition in them because the soil contains more minerals, which will provide the food with more nutrients. ok…so I can’t help but what think, who would have more nutrients an apple picked fresh from a local farmer or an organic apple picked about ten days ago   that was grown in South America…Knowing the fact that each day after picked produce will lose nutritional value. For me its simple when in the produce section at my local supermarket, I look at location and type ( organic or conventional)…I keep my order at 1. organic and local 2. local 3 organic 4 conventional


This is just my opionon..What is yours??

P, rd 🙂



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