DIY Project 1 – Burlap Message Board

Hello friends..Since living in the house I have created a board on Pinterest to display ideas for the place. You can check it out here if you would like.

With the remodeling we plan to do a theme of wood ( wood beams and floor), stone ( fireplace and accent wall) and barnwood ( beams and decor). Here is a picture I found on that brings the three elements into play..


Image source

Since I can only do small scale projects, as we have decided to wait until fall to start any major remodeling ( more time now for playing in the water). I have only did small projects. The first one I would like to show case is that of message / corkboards, I got some inspiration ( of course) from Pinterest. Here are a couple of photos


Image source


Image source

Check out my board for the sources of these great creations!!

At hobby lobby ( great store) I was able to find the materials I needed

1 frame

Burlap ( eye estimate depending on size of frame)

Double sided tape

glue gun

tac pins

cardboard or cork tiles

I choose a frame made out of old barn wood, because I thought it would greatly fit our place when it is remodeled.


First I measured out the size of burlap I needed, make sure that you cut around an inch smaller, because you will want to stretch the material when you glue it to the frame to prevent any lag in the fabric.

I found that using glue to adhere the burlap to the frame was best to get a “tight” fit. I did two layers ( glueing the outside of edges only) best for appearance. Once this was done, I used the double sided tape to stick the cardboard to the burlap. The cardboard I just cut to fit the frame.

Since I didnt have anywhere on the frame to hang the board from, I used some valcro strips to hang the final product on the wall.

Final Product

I think that I might end up replacing the cardboard with cork board tiles, but I was trying to do this inexpensive, so I did spring for them yet.

Let me know if you try this, have questions, would love to see what you come up with!!

Next I am going to work on creating a project with the leftover burlap, and exploring into the world of chalkboard paint!! Wish me luck 🙂

*** Update: I did end up filling the back with corkboard. I used corkboard squares in which I cut and clued together to form the dimensions of the board. It has worked out reallly well and I have been using it all year!


4 thoughts on “DIY Project 1 – Burlap Message Board

  1. been dying to make one of these message boards for my desk area….great idea to use burlap, love the way it looks, much better than regular cork board. will let you know when i try this out, thanks!!

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