Oatmeal Fancy

If I could open at small cafe it would specialize in tasty coffee and gourmet oatmeal, pancake and grilled cheeses. I love finding different ways to spice these items up in to tasty healthy meals. Here are a couple of my recent favorite oatmeal recipes. Of course clean eating!!

Chunky Monkey Oatmeal


1/2 cup quick oats

1 cup water

Cook for roughly 1-2 mins in microwave depending on what type of oats you have

Once cooked add 1 tbsp pb, 1/4 cup soy milk, 2 tsp honey, 1 tsp chia seeds, and top with sliced banana

Stir & Enjoy!!

Ginger Peach Oatmeal


1/2 cup oats

1 cup of milk

Cook 1-2 mins, depending on type of oats

Add about 1 tsp of zested ginger root, chia seeds, almond milk

Dice up one peach and mix into mixture

Stir & Enjoy!!

On a side note, ginger root is great stored in the freezer in a freezer bag. It will stay fresher longer and zests up great!! I also recently bought some pb2 and will be trying it out in the oatmeal.


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