Hiking Maine

For about a month or more, I had a huge itch to get some good hiking in. Since, our Europe trip fell through the cracks because of the house closing, taking soooo long!! We went to Bar Harbor, Maine for some hiking and fresh seafood!! We wanted to backpack, but the only place that allowed it, didn’t allow pets over night, blah..So, we opted for a campground. Besides hiking we engaged in fresh seafood ( lobster and crab rolls, claims, etc) we also were able to pick some wild Maine blueberries, that were very yummy!! Here are some pics of the trip!!

Fresh Lobster…( the corn on the cob that came with it, was sooo AMAZING!!)

Amazing view mountain top high!

My 8 year old JRT was the first to reach the top of the mountain!

Taking in the views with my pup

Atlantic Ocean ( off of Sand Beach)

Funny story..so we drove to Maine from Michigan and on the first day wanted to do a small hike. Little did we know, we did the hardest hike, after driving for 7 hours, on our first day. We also took the “difficult” route..But it was an awesome way to break in our week of hiking!!!

Have any great hiking stories to share from this summer??


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