Summer Clean Eats

As I have mentioned earlier, I am make an honest effort to eat cleaner. There are a number of reasons of why besides the fact that I am a dietitian, I think this is important. For ME, I find that it gives me more energy, sometimes helps my complexion and decreases bloatness. Since my life is much more stable now that we have moved into our lake house, I have been enjoying some yummy summer eats!!

Let me share the fun

Yummy summer squash mix

Squash cut up tossed with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes then grilled!

Farmers market salad with organic beets ( that were soooo amazing!!)

Sorry..Dont mean to add another salad but look how yummy this HEALTHY food looks!!

Yes, there are PURPLE green beans.. Once cooked they turn green and taste just like a green bean, but how much fun to throw them in a salad ( like I did above)

Other then that I have been reading the Stephanie Plum series, which is light and funny, great for summer reading!! What kind of good books or foods has summer brought you??


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