Four Sparkles

This week I decided to take a break from the infamous Facebook and focus all my “extra” time learning how to use Instagram (sillmarie) and finding new blogs to read. I find that when you get together with friends and all you have to talk about is “Hey, did you see on FB that so…” you may know how it goes. I pride myself in trying to somewhat be an intellectual person, so that was my breaking point when I started paying attention what was coming out of my mouth. I should not allow myself to be that person AND I was breaking my two year on going New Years resolution of NOT gossiping. Sooo with that said here are my sparkles of the week 🙂

Sparkle One –

This quote I love!! It is a reminder of the person I strive to be, someone who discusses things that are important. I would say there are a lot of things about me that only few know. Well the first one is more obvious my I am a huge foodie and LOVE LOVE to watch food documentaries 🙂 Second I am a in the closet not yet out, major Feminist, wich I can thank one of my best friends for helping me discover that by lending me one of about a dozen awesome feminist books 🙂

Sparkle Two –

I am not sure if your would call this a trend or what, but I have noticed alot of blog articles this week about

image we project online. Here and Here are some links if you want to read more about this topic. But if you were to read your blog, is that the person that your friends and family members would describe you as? I would say, somewhat, I dont tell many friends about my blog. Mostly because it’s just a starter hobby for me and I am just learning the ropes before I start a full-blown nutrition and pregnancy ( future..future) blog.

Sparkle Three-

Either I have been living under a rock or there is just simple to many things “out there” that as a Dietitian its just hard to keep up. But I have found a new love for bread that is “sprouted”! So, sprouted bread 🙂 Basically it is broken down slightly (sprouted) so that way it is easier to digest. But it is not broken down or processed too much where you have to add all the nutrients back into it. I first tried Trader Joe’s then some other brand that I can’t think of at the moment.

Sparkle Four –

Coconut Butter — I bought some the other day to add to my tofu smoothies and it taste super yummy 🙂 I would suggest trying it out!!


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