Morel Hunting




Surrounded by nature I suppose you have to embrace it, be one with nature, right?? Well, since we have be nestled in the backcountry of Northern Michigan, we ( my pup and I) picked up a new nightly ritual..We go for a small ( about 1mile) walk each night through the woods ( not to grandmother house, but from) to this little cherry tree ( not fruit producing, and yes you morel hunters, cherry) and check for morels.

I just started eating mushrooms about two or three years ago, and eating morels since, well maybe a month now. They are like most ( nontoxic) mushrooms where they provide great nutrients like protein, vit d (!), calcium, b vitamins and some other traces of things..

Do you eat morels? If so, how to you prepare them? My bf cooks them in butter, but there just has to be healthier ways! 🙂


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