Four Sparkles

Ahh..This week has been sorta different, I got to stay w/ the in-laws as we are still in between housing..It wasnt too bad, but still NO internet! I started a new hobby with my dog however, Morel Mushroom hunting, I will have to post some pictures of our discovery. School is going well, 3 more weeks than I will have some time off 🙂 4 more classes until Masters completion!! Working out has improved this week, going for runs most days and walks EVERY day even with the high winds and rain!!

Sparkle one – I had mentioned in an earlier posting that I had a thing for high-low skirts, this one I picked up at Guess. It was a little more than I would like to pay for a basic skirt, but the knit material feels AMAZING!! I liked this skirt because I felt it could really be dressed up or down, very versatile!!

Sparkle two – I have a thing for coral right now. I picked these up at Kohls! Pretty high heel for me, but ill see what I can do 🙂

Sparkle three – I was watching a TV show the other day, they had Alicia Silverstone on talking about her new organic beauty line at Ulta, called Juice Beauty! I am very excited to check it ou! Let me know if any of you do sometime soon!!

Sparkle four- One word, Passport!! I finally sent my app in and am in the works of planning a trip to EUROPE this summer. My bf will be working in Scotland for the summer and has invited my bf and I to come visit her and her husband. Even though we are looking at houses and I am currently unemployed and my bf business is really busy right now, I hope it all falls together!! ( Will keep you guys posted)

Some random google image of Scotland 🙂


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