Four Sparkles

Ok, so I have really been MIA lately. I just went on a cross country trip with one of my best friends from HS. She is leaving to Korea at the end of May for a year ( Air Force) so it was REALLY nice to spend time with her. I worked SUPER hard last week on getting all my classwork projects done as this is finals week. But I pulled it off. We got back late last night, so today I spent it relaxing in TC doing some wine tasting and shopping..Since I have been feeling a little frumpy with all the traveling this week, I thought I would to this weeks sparkles on some beauty products.

Sparkle 1 & 2 –

These two go together, as they are for my unruly face. Some sort of crazy hormonal frenzy took over my fast last fall causing an array of adult acne. It has been horrible!! and leaving bad scaring 😦 So, I have used many products to try to treat and conceal it. I picked these up today as I REALLY hope they can give me some relief. I will keep you posted. Oh, and I was able to get these in a package that saved me some money ( I think) and Macy’s had a free samples deal thing too! So, knowing I got some additional products didn’t make me feel so bad!

Clinique Even Better Serum and Foundation

Sparkle 3 – This is a product I picked up a couple of weeks ago. It’s a lip butter by Revolon. I like the creamy texture and the vibrant colors they have to offer.

Revlon Lip Butter

Sparkle 4  – My mother sent this product to me about a month ago or so, and I love it!! It makes my hair super soft and nice 🙂

Redken All Soft Argan

Bonus Sparkle –

I was just thinking about this on and I thought I would add it. I have been using this Origins Brighter by Nature SPF 30 powder for almost a year now..It gives AWESOME coverage and I really recommend trying it!!

Ok, well starting tomorrow I will have limited internet access for awhile so bear with me and my posts.


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