Four Sparkles

I can’t believe I was able to fit this in this week!! I’m really happy, as this week has been the BUSIEST week since like college!

Sparkle 1 – I know this is a total repeat from my last post! But I still managed to save some to savor for today 🙂 I only hope to one day make these tasty macaroon treats! I think I would do a champagne outside with a strawberry filling…

Sparkle 2 – To help ease the night, I splurged ( $16.99/6pack) on these tasty beers I first had at the Microbrew fest last month. They are local and very yummy!!

Sparkle 3 – Peplum dress…I am not going to lie, im sorta feeling it? I am usually late to pick up fashion trends, but this 50’s dress might be making its way into my closet soon!

Sparkle 4 – As I turned a year older this year, I have re-focused myself, to care about a thing called, wrinkles..I love to spend countless hours baking in the sun lathered in baby oil. However, as I approach an age I wont tell, I have been thinking twice about the time I spend  sun bathing. I recently started using this Jergens product..and, im pretty darn impressed!! I figured if I can get a glow from this and eating healthy, than no sun needed…well let’s be for real, LESS sun needed!

Hope your weekend is grand 🙂


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