You are You

Today was such an odd day, so I thought I would share it since sometimes I spend more time blah-ing than blogging on here…The day reminded me of a Dr. Suess wisdom…

My day would have started with

” Step with care and great tact. And remember that Lifes a Great Balancing Act ”

….as I was upset about my bf crazy work hours lately….and our lack of time to drink coffee and enjoy our silly pup…..

Then the weather was a whopping 76 degrees today!!! Yes, March 14th in Northern Michigan, that has to be some sort of record…….

” Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting…so get on your way!!!

…as my pup and I took a nice long walk

“Everthing stinks till its finished”

…as I side swipe my bf lovely truck on my way to my hair appt :-/

“Today was good. Today was FUN..Tomorrow is another one”

…as I booked a ticket to Arizona for the end of the month to take a nice cross-country girls road trip πŸ™‚

Needless to say, I woke up grumpy and had high and lows all day..I guess such is life..But all together the things that were bad were little and could have been worse…I am looking forward to taking a cross-country drive back from Arizona with one of my best girl friends ( even if its finals weekend!!)…

Here is a cute pic of my pup!

Well I am going to enjoy my champagne πŸ™‚


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