Four Sparkles

It has been TWO weeks since I have done this posting. I feel as if I have been living in a bubble dated way back in the Edison years of 1879 when electricity and the light bulb were invented..I have realized a couple of things during this time, that 1. I will live if I dont catch every new episode of my favorite TV programs, 2. that when I build a house one day, it WILL be designed to be self-sufficient without power, some how some way..

Here are my sparkles of the week…

1. Sparkle One Blue Diamond Breeze

Blue Diamond’s new Breeze drink looks rather tasty. I heard about this the other day from a friend who said it is very tasty even being plain. I have not found any luck finding it yet, but am on the prowl. I think I will like it mostly because I really like Almond milk ( even though Silk makes my favorite) but I also like coconut milk. But coconut milk doesnt do much for you, I feel, unless you need a good replenishment of electrolytes after a good work out. Has anyone tried this yet?? 

2. Sparkle Two – Spring Toms

Sorry this image is soo tiny..But these are Toms..I almost got a pair last fall when we were living out West but I figured I wouldnt be able to wear them much since it was fall/winter time. The last couple of days I have been dreaming of spring/summer, as we had a day of mid 50s. I was thinking I only have a couple of pairs of shows with me ( rest are in storage) that consist of boots, boots, hiking shoes and running shoes..So visions of fun spring shoes are in my head!! 🙂

3. Sparkle Three Deborah Lippman

I have seen these nail polishes by Deborah Lippman all  over Pinterest, I am soo in the dark, cause man these are super cute!! I am not to found of the price though..But maybe it can be a nice treat for a goal accomplished, like a high term gpa or something..I think so 🙂

4. Sparkle Four – Ipad 3

Not really the ipad but seeing this gets me excited for the iphone 5..I have been living with my first generation driod waiting for that baby to come out!! Hopefully no later then fall of 2012 it will arrive 🙂 



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