It’s Chia in here!

I promise I won’t smother you’ll with Chia seed recipes. But I wanted to share a couple more. First off these things are really good in shakes. I have been using the base of this recipe, but no spinach and adding cinnamon, to make a yummy Cinnamon Chia shake..

I also have read on about it used as a sports food. Supposedly Chia seeds have a good liquid holding property that makes them good for keeping hydrated. So I started making this chia-paste-like substance to eat/drink after my work-outs, and it has been great!!

These are the two ingredients I used. Organic Whole Chia Seeds and Bolthouse C-boost ( but I heard the Greengoodness is great as well).

First I put 1tbsp of seeds into a glass

Like this…….

Then I poured in the juice until it completely covered the seeds, about 2-3oz or so…

Then mix it up a little bit..Put into fridge…

I usually kept it in the fridge for about an hour or soo..However long my workout is. When I first got them, I put them in Vanilla Almond milk w/ cinnamon overnight..They completely soaked up the fluid and made a very creamy substance..But tasted good.

Soo…Just to warn you, it looks really icky but taste very good! It almost taste like fresh strawberries, weird, eh?


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