Four Sparkles

Lately I have been collecting thoughts of my must have (wish list) clothing/shoe pieces for spring summer 2012. I have recently liked the whole high/low/asymmetric skirts/dresses, color block makeup and clothing, cut out dresses, tangerine colors and much much more. This weeks sparkles are a very small portion of some of my favorite pieces.

Sparkle One – Flats..still a favor in my book..I love these Jimmy Choo Whirl Glitter flats. But would very well settle for a cute pair of Tom flats. 🙂


Sparkle Two – High-Low skirt or dress…There is something about being able to show off parts of your body but yet still being able to hide part of it. I think that’s why I love these so much. Or it simply can be because then you really don’t have to decide on whether to wear a short skirt or a long skirt..ya know?

Sparkle Three – Skinny jeans, colored! Enough said… I just hope I can tone up enough to be able to rock out a pair of these.

Sparkle Four – Cut out dress..This one is prolly a little two much for my taste, but you get the picture..right?




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