Running Theory

Ahh..What a nice relaxing weekend we had. Went to visit family and relaxed a lot and enjoyed some yummy food.

This week in class we are working on Behavior Theories. The discussion questions made me think about, how I NEED to continue to work on my NY goals!! ( How are all of you doing??).. I still have not had any liquor ( no biggie, really), but am not doing good with the running. This week we had to post things using the Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change.. You know that pre-contemplation, action,babble babble. As I was posting I thought I would put this here, a place to keep me more accountable for my actions. Ha..

Precontemplation – ( no change in 6 months) – I am precontemplated to go all organic and grass-fed only for my diet. I don’t see if it feasible right now for my lifestyle, because I am traveling ALOT!

Contemplation – ( mb change in 6 months) – I am in a contemplation stage for becoming vegetarian. It is something I have sort of done in the past, but not sure how is would work out currently. Something to think about.

Preparation – ( change in next 30 days) – I am in a preparation stage for a 10k. I run but NOT at the point where I could complete a 10k. I may start increasing my running in the next 30 days.

Action – ( change already in past 6 months) – I am in an action stage for running in general. In the past 6 months I run at least 3-6 times per week.
I stated that I mostly think I will work on my exercise than my diet. For now anyways..On a side note, I started eating Chia Seeds, to see what all the hype is about. I will do a post about them this week.
With all this being said, are their any areas of stage you are currently working on?

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