Four Sparkles

This week I haven’t gotten any time to have that “daydream” idea time, where I am doing odd things like the dishes and come up with all these ideas! My sense of imagination has vanished this week I guess. But there is one thing I have been thinking about lately as peaks of sunshine have parted from the clouds. This is flowers, or maybe it’s because of a very romantic holiday that just passed. Either way, I am going to base this weeks sparkle post on flowers.

I read on a DIY blog, ( forget which one), about tips for saving money on flowers for your wedding. Again, I am not getting married anytime soon, but I thought, how neat would it be to grow all ( or most) of your flowers for your wedding? This would take ALOT of pre planning I feel, but it would be well worth it.

Well, here are some ideas!!

Sparkle One – Peonies

I have recently taken to these flowers. I didn’t realize there were soo many varieties.  This picture is taken from my favorite wedding blog.

Sparkle 2 – Hydrangea


Sparkle Three – Lilac

I think I would mostly want these because of the amazing SMELL..Speaking of their blooming season is just around the corner!

Sparkle Four – Wildflowers


This would prolly be the easiest way to go, right? I have heard of giving your guest a little jar of wildflower seeds to plant in your honor or to have your guest shower you will seeds. Then to go back to the place a year later to see all the flowers. Either way, I think it is a cute idea.



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