Baking weekend and RIP Whitney!

I think I am FINALLY coming down from my sugar high of a weekend, wowzers! I baked for 4 1/2 hours on Thursday ( sugar cookies, champagne cupcakes and Artisan bread)!! Then my friend brought over these VERY yummy, to say the least, chocolate cupcakes w/ home made, wait for it, PEANUT BUTTER creamcheese frosting!! Needless to say, I am just now ( Monday morning) coming down from my sugar high..My stomach was soooo VERY upset yesterday. But luckily we got some snow over the weekend, so we went out skiing for awhile in the afternoon, which really helped..Wow, it was so beautiful! Ok since I have a lot of fun and exciting HW ( snore,zzz) to do today, I will just post up some pics from the weekend and will try to get the recipes up tomooooooo!!!

Artisan Bread made by yours truly!

Sugar Cookies w/ Champagne Frosting and cut out heart ( from cupcakes)

Cut out heart Champagne Cupcake, = yum!

Nail painting party on Friday night, with my bestie!!

FINALLY!! Wine (sparkling) tasting at L.Mawby

Here is the bottle we got for Valentines Day 🙂 Soo yumm!!!

Relaxing in her heated bed after our long trip in the woods skiing..To be a dog 🙂

( the sun was shining pretty bright )

xo. P.

RIP Whitney Houston!! You will always be such a inspiring soul!


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