Avocado – Peach

This week has been flying by! I am on my last day of “clean” eating before my guest arrive for the weekend. We are going wine tasting and to a Microbrew Festival here in TC. Should be a good time. In the mood of VDay I will be making some Champagne Cupcakes and Cookies. I will have to post them to let you all know how they turn out. Here is my shake from yesterday! ( PS I am feeling pretty good and way less bloated, ha)


Avocado – Peach Shake


1 med peach ( ripe), cleaned and chopped up w/ skin ON

1 small avocado, with rind OFF and pitted

8oz Organic Soymilk

3oz Greek Yogurt

1 medium banana, peeled

1tbsp raw honey

1 tbsp pb

~ 1/4 cup of water

Blend and enojoy..! Tips: I always blend first, then add honey then blend. Because of the avocado it was SUPER cream/thick, so I added water to make it more fluid. I did drink this one with a straw.



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