Green Chunky Monkey Shake

This week I am aiming to eat more clean. I have no other people to cook for this week, so I am setting out for 4 days of clean vegetarian eating!! I am also making it my mission to get outside and do some running, every day this week! This is the first time that I have taken my new running shoes outside and they felt perfect for my run.

To celebrate my week, I made this yummy green smoothie.

Green Chunky Monkey Shake


8oz Organic Vanilla Soymilk

3oz Greek Yogurt ( plain or flavored)

1/2 cup organic spinach

1 med banana

1 tbsp pb

2tsp raw honey

I do see alot of people making shakes with almond milk instead of soymilk. Both are fine, I chose soymilk because it has more protein. But if you are trying to count calories almond milk is fine since its lower. I LOVE putting honey in my shakes, if gives that pinch of sweetness.

Do any of you have a special shake recipe that you love to make??


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