Four Sparkles

I had different ideas for this weeks post. I thought of perhaps doing 4 sparkles of motivation or inspirational but I decided to pick 4 things that have been on my mind this week.

Sparkle One – 

Jason Wu for Target!! How exciting!! I am hoping to score that cute purse next to the black cat! Fingers crossed for tmrw :-)!!

Sparkle Two – 

TC is one of the biggest cherry producers. Driving along, you will always see cherry farms, which I am sure will look so AMAZING come spring 🙂 So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to get married under a cherry tree in full bloom 🙂

Sparkle Three-

One thing to love about winter ( I can’t believe I just said that) is the citrus fruits are in season. Of course they aren’t local here in MI, but they do taste a bit better this time of year. I was thinking how logical it is that here we have this high packed vit c treat the same time that nasty flu vixen is floating around…

Sparkle Four –

WHoly Crap!! I am two days late on Nikons announcement of the Coolpix P510, but I am so happy I didnt go ahead and get the P500. I was hoping it will be a Vday present, but now I see I am glad I waited!! This new camera is a point shoot, 42x optic zoom and 16.1 mp!!! It is supposed to be released in March of this year, for about $429..! I am going to wait and see how the reviews pan out!! But how exciting 🙂


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