NY Recap

I thought since we are in our 2nd month of the year I would recap on my previous set NY resolutions.

I official went 1 month with no booze!! This may be one of the first resolutions I have held. Every..As for my 10k, Im still working on that. We havent got a gym membership yet since we moved and I have only been able to talk myself into running outside a couple of times. But with time I will get to where I need to be!

One thing I have been busy with is finding cute DIY projects on Pinterest for the cabin. I took a couple of pictures to show off. One that I didnt get a chance to get a good image of was a map of Yellowstone framed. I was able to trace the route we took through it this summer, turned out great!

Matted framed pictures of our adventures. They are pictured on our home made cedar chest here. For the pics, I printed them from Walgreens, bought picture mattes from Hobby Lobby and frames from Walmart.  ( from left Macie on a Lake Michigan beach, a lake/mountain seen in Rocky Mountain National Park, river/lake view from Glacier National Park and Tetons in Teton National Park)…I plan to add two more 8x10w/ 5×7 pics in them!

These are two red neck wine glasses ( mason jar w/ candle holder at other end). I turned them around a inserted two small tea light candles. They are sitting in a picture frame whos glass broke. It added a nice rustic touch to the room!

I have been looking for cute lamp ideas for the room. Suggestions??


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