Four Sparkles

I often think of ideas to write about when I’m doing random things not when I’m sitting at my MacBook. These random times would include washing the dishes, taking my pup for a stroll or driving listening to The coffeehouse radio.

Since I have been trying to realize that I am now living in Traverse City, MI ( TC) for the month the next month. I thought I would dedicate this weeks sparkles to TC.. Since I heart TC so much and it brings a smile to my face when I realize where I am. I realize that people who read this may have never heard of or been to TC, so I will include some items that can be purchased online.!!

Sparkle One –

If I had to pick a food item that I could never live without, peanut butter would be in the top five of that list. I heart PB!! Here is a local PB I found from a local grocery store ( that sells amazing Bison!!).

We tried the organic White Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter

Sparkle Two –

Another reason why I love TC is the large number of wineries!! I could do a whole post about them but I will just include one of my favorites!! ( which can be ordered from their website).

L.Mawby has a nice selection of sparkling wines. I have yet to visit the winery ( which I plan to VERY soon) here is my favorite one!! ( we had this bottle in GR ( Grand Rapid))!

Sparkle 3 –

I love how easy it is to be active here in TC. TC reminds me of a blend of Fort Collins, Co and Encinitas, CA both activity, culture and eating well. Besides the numerous trails here in TC, one place that is breathtaking perhaps why it was voted Good Morning America’s most Beautiful place recently, Sleeping Bear Dunes.

I am looking forward to a xc skiing day here soon!

Sparkle Four –

Like I have said before I have been obsessed with pinterest! I am still working on my picture and decor projects for the cabin. I am also planning a lil vintage Valentines / Bday party here soon. I have found may antique and consignment stores that may help with this. To my luck, TC offers many places that I can explore. How cool is that! Here is a place I plan to check out later today!

Well enjoy your weekend!


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