Color my food!!

I often skim the pages of a magazine called, Today’s Dietitian and today I found something that appeared interesting to all. It was an article about a study from Cornell University about perception of food on color. How enhanced colors can attract even the pickest eaters. I would have to agree. What do you think?

Or this

This bottom one is a snack/lunch  I made one day………I think color not only in our fashion or home but in our food is just as important. Not to mention the different nutrients we can get when we eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies… ( Counter clockwise starting at bottom…colby cheese stick, whole wheat crackers w/ baba ghanoush, homemade pb, almond butter, apple slices, sugar snaps and cherry tomatoes) PS prolly a lil higher in fat then you would want for a traditional snack, but perfect to share 🙂


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