Four Sparkles

Hello again..This week has been a little bit crazy. We are packing up and moving this weekend. Besides the crazy times, I have had time to see some great friends this week.

I have been obsessing over finding new books and a new camera this week. So, they will be included in my post this week.

Sparkle 1 –

Camera city!! I have been obsessed with finding a new camera! I am torn between these two.

Nikon Coolpix p500 vs Canon sx40 hs ( any help would be greatly appreciated!)

Sparkle 2 –

I may be the only person who hasn’t read these, but I started this week. So far so good!

PS I just finished the Arrington saga..So good also!

Sparkle 3 –

I do realize I just posted about this brand! BUT I found these over the weekend and have been obsessed w/ them all week 🙂 Essie Luxeffects!

Sparkle 4 –

Fresh yummy comfort food!! I had to make my mom’s Shrimp cocktail recipe, it was one of my weeks highlights! I will have to do a post on how to make this yummy dish!

Well..If any of you have any input on camera suggestions, that would be GREATLY appreciated!

Cheers to the weekend!


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