Four Sparkles

It has been awhile since I have contributed to this posting. Partly because of my lapse of internet connection and the splendid holidays. However, I took some time from my class that started this week. I would like to note that I am REALLY enjoying graduate school..

Sparkle 1 –

BEETS!! I can’t believe I am even putting this here. I feel that I am a pretty open eater, but I always had my list of no thank you ( mushrooms, beets and black olives). Yet..I have cut down that list to only black olives ( only on pizza with other stuff). I had roasted beets in a salad over the summer and took to them. They didn’t come from a can, so I think that’s what did it!! So last Friday I cooked them up to make a lovely earthy salad. I had read somewhere that you should eat the greens from the stalks, so I did! I chopped them with red kale and other veggies!! ( Beets are higher in folate, fiber and flavonoids)

Sparkle 2 –

If you haven’t noticed yet from this site or my pinterest site (here), I really enjoy the fun colors of the Essie line. This is the spring 2012 line that can be seen in this article I came across. I look forward to this line, as I am still madly in love with the winter one, Cocktail bling.

Sparkle 3 –


This little guy here is a container ( here) of Truffle Salt. I have heard a lot about this lately, and still yet to try it. I hear that it takes less than a small amount of sea salt to fully flavor a dish. The aroma is I guess stronger as well. I look forward to trying it and will fill yas in!

Sparkle 4 –

I fell in love with these frames on etsy, but I thought it would be really cool to make them your own. I found an easy diy project here . I think they will look perfect in the cabin, in fact I already have the pictures picked out!!


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