Four Sparkles

This week has been pretty chill, as it is my first week of vaca from Grad school and not yet in the roll of the holidays. One accomplishment that we did this week, is finally get a gym membership in the area. I can say I have religiously went each day since we enrolled on Monday.

With that said here are 4 sparkles that have been on my mind this week.

1. Cream cheese frosting…homemade…need I say more..the hardest part of making this is not eating it all from the bowl before using it! This picture was adapted from here. We made some last week for our pumpking cupcakes and I plan to make some again soon for Red/Black cake pops.

2. Peanut Butter & Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. I picked this up from World Market b/c a friend of mine is always raving about this pb. It is very tasty!! I enjoyed it on toast and apples slices. But it is hard for me not to like pb, if there were a food you could marry, I would hands down pick pb!!!!

3. This is a little hard to see, I suppose I could have picked a better pic. But to see up close how amazing the colors are, click here. I found this by the check out line at Sephora..A little bit of a splurge for me, BUT the colors are truly amazing and long-lasting šŸ™‚

4. Lastly…I have noticed these shoes in a couple different magazines..And well, I find them pretty darn motivating..If these bright colors don’t energize you well then..I just don’t know what to say to can check them out here..Mizuno

K..That wraps it up!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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