Four Sparkles

I have read alot of different blogs that do a weekly post of their favorite things or topics that are on their mind sometime during the week. Since the number 4 is my favorite and to go along with my blog title, I will name it, Four Sparkles.

So here it is…..

1. Cranberries + Candles = perfect holiday decoration..After countless hours on Pinterest I got a bit inspired…I ( with the help of a friend), made a nice candle decoration for our new pad. Here is the inspiration…

2. Nail polish ….. Essie in particular…..I have a couple from their new collection called Cocktail bling…Here is what I am wearing now..sooo cute 🙂

3. Kate Spade bag I started crushing on after I saw in Dillards

4. Perfect addition for NYE 😉 Gianni Bini

I will have to make sure some of these items make my christmas list.


One thought on “Four Sparkles

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